Saturday, September 3, 2011

Almost viral

About a year ago I came home one night to find the Late Late show in full swing on TV. Ryan Tubridy had Sinead O'Connor as a guest and she got up to sing a version of Bob Dylan's "The times they are a changing".

I thought it was so good that I recorded it and put it up on Youtube, there and then. But here's the thing - as it was recording I found myself, well, singing along with Sinead. This can be heard on the recording, but only by those who listen to the whole song. Apparently a significant number of people have done this because I've been getting more and more emails commenting on the video, and on my participation.

At the time of writing nearly 80,000 people have viewed my entry. It's the only one I've ever made on Youtube but I'm also now getting emails from seasoned Youtube posters asking if I will link with them on the channel.

It's a funny old world for sure.

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